My body of work is a visual investigation of the history, memory and mortality of a house passed down through twelve generations. I grew up in this house, spending every summer there since my early childhood, and feel deeply connected to it. Through the use of a series of photographic approaches I examine the visible and invisible inhabitants of the home. The different segments of this project study the insides of the house, including the vacant and congested rooms, and the objects activating the space.

The house acts as an allegory for memory, since both are fluctuating, shifting, altering and decaying from the impact of time. The camera constructs a method for preservation and restoration of the disintegrating structures and artefacts. Within the work, some of the rooms are desolated and left to be imagined, while others are overcrowded with their past lives. Light paints a photographic performance and triggers a life inside of the domestic space. The photographs of the empty boxes which have lost most of their contents, further emphasise on the negative space, on what is absent, what traces have endured and what narrative has been transported. By utilising the cameraless technique of a photogram, I have further sealed the imprints of 19th century children's clothing and locks of hair, found residing in the house. Together with the impressions left by the contact to the light-sensitive paper, the skin cells and body oils of their wearers are also passed onto the prints.

The ancestral accounts occupy physical and intangible surfaces, and are unlocked through the visual documentations, interventions and forensic techniques. The house has become a living archive, encompassing the echoes of all past auras. The act of photographing has turned into a bonding ritual, a gateway to both past and present, and a farewell with the fading house.


THE AFFECTIVE ARCHIVE; Memory Vessels [2020]
Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress


An interrogation on space and the void, physical and psychological, drawing from the experience of alienation and emotional disconnect.

LIGHTSCAPES; A Theatre of Memories [2019]

Walking the same ground twelve generations have walked before me, I use long exposure photography and light painting to conjure a material perception of the immaterial. Reactivating the space of my stepfather's crumbling family home I suggest a spiritual dimension, tapping into the history and energy of the house, embodying a theatre of memories.